Allister Murdoch | Humanistic Psychotherapist

Allister Murdoch

Humanistic Psychotherapist

I provide a counselling and psychotherapy service for individual clients, 18 years old and over. I opened this private practice in 2007. I offer appointments weekdays until 9pm. I specialise in helping clients with issues of abuse (victims), anxiety, bereavement, bereavement, LGBTQI+ issues, relationships and stress.

My practice has over the years developed into one that attracts a huge percentage of men as clients. Many feel awkward talking about their feelings or asking for help when it comes to mental health issues for a variety of reasons and I specialise in supporting them to feel okay to do so. I've been there myself. I have extensive experience and specialised training for working with clients of sexuality, gender and relationship style diversities from an affirmative perspective.

I use techniques from many methods of Humanistic Psychotherapy including Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Solution Focused Therapy.

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


Allister is an incredibly helpful, nice and understanding therapist to which I owe a lot for helping feel liberated from anxiety and paranoia that encircled me for a couple of years. Being a student and living away from home I felt isolated in a city I was not 100% familiar with but with the help of Allister I was able to embrace the feeling of anxiety and turn it into a positive feeling which allowed me discover my environment and myself as well.

I underwent therapy for a number of long term difficulties with Allister, including anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. Allister provided a safe, trusting environment where I could explore these issues. Allister helped me make choices that lead to personal growth and long lasting change as I have become able to deal much better with my difficulties. A huge thank you to Allister!

Allister created a space where I could be myself and openly talk about anything. He gave me the tools and experience to help unlock the answers to my problems.