Barry Stansfield | Humanistic Psychotherapist

Barry Stansfield

Humanistic Psychotherapist

As a qualified Humanistic psychotherapist, my goal is to support my clients to recognise how they may be preventing themselves from properly meeting their own personal needs.

This happens when we all try to find ways of coping with life in very often difficult circumstances and our coping mechanisms help us to survive. At some point however, these coping mechanisms may no longer be appropriate for living in the present and holding us back from achieving satisfying outcomes.

My job is to help my clients to develop greater awareness of these patterns of behaviour through dialogue and some creative experiments when appropriate.

New opportunities for growth and discovery emerge through these sessions, with my clients finding more fulfilling approaches to life and relationships and a greater ability to address whatever troubles them in their lives, eg depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues etc.

I am qualified to diploma standard, offering supervision to other therapists as well as therapy and I am a member of BACP with over seventeen years experience.