Chris Colebrook | Coach

Chris Colebrook

Solution-Focused Coach

Chris is a Solution-Focused Coach Practitioner (Dip/PhD), providing individualised support integrating Solution-Focused, Positive Psychology Coaching with Creative Role Play approaches derived from Experimental Drama Practices. He is a specialist in supporting adults with Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder) and related Neurodiverse Conditions (e.g Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD…etc), amongst others. He has experience in providing a compassionate space to help individuals improve their interpersonal relationships (i.e., from work to romantic relations), life and communication skills, planning, organisation, managing personal conflicts, career progression and promoting more effective self-understandings to flourish in the future.

Chris works in accordance with the Association for Coaching (AC) code of ethics. He has trained at the University of Glasgow and Centre for Coaching, UK and has a passion for building individual’s strengths using creative methods to thrive! Chris is also the current chair of the adult panel of the Dyspraxia Foundation, given his experiences. He offers individuals both face to face and online coaching sessions for flexibility, tailored to their needs to help them achieve their goals. Please get in touch for further support information.


I have been working with Chris for a year and a half. I would describe Chris as a very ingenious person who has many coaching skills and methods up his sleeve with deep compassion and acceptance of others. Whenever I have a session, I feel listened to, validated, supported, encouraged and strong. I have had coaching from Chris on many different parts of my life from boundaries, daily habits, de-cluttering my home, managing my health, making decisions, communicating with people, and finding quality of life. He is extremely focused, flexible to what I need each week, gives me time to express myself, and very patient. I highly recommend Chris to anyone interested in developing their sense of self, working on professional or personal goals or gaining more focus on what is most important in their life.