Elaine Scanlan | Person Centred Therapist

Elaine Scanlan

Person Centred Counsellor

It is clear to me that we all want to feel good and that sometimes the circumstances we find ourselves in or the impact of past experiences can get in the way of this. Often emotional difficulties can creep up on us, vague feelings of something not feeling quite right, which are ignored, in the hope that they will disappear, instead they linger impacting on our behaviour, sleep, relationships and sense of well-being until they just can’t be ignored any longer. My work as a counsellor is complimented by my role as a yoga teacher, where students are offered time and space to develop a yoga practice that fits their needs and work towards finding inner peace and balance. Similarly as an experienced person centred counsellor my aim is to create the right environment for you, a safe and professional space that offers the opportunity for you to explore what matters most to you and allow your innate desire for personal growth and development to flourish. I recognise that you have the best understanding of how it feels to be you, no matter how many people I work with, as a counsellor, none of them will have been exactly like you, therefore our work together becomes a unique collaboration of my experience as a counsellor and your experience of just what it’s like to be you and ultimately lead to change that is best suited to you.