Olan Cahill | Person Centred Counsellor

Olan Cahill

Person Centred Counsellor

I offer a confidential relationship opportunity with a special emphasis on building a trusting connection so that we can work through whatever it is you decide to bring to our sessions.

Clients come to see me to address issues such as anxiety, confidence issues, relationship issues, depression, PTSD, incidental or historical trauma, family issues, self-acceptance, self-compassion etc. Understanding the impact of our circumstances and finding a way for us to go on being.

I have an interest in working with people with issues related to neurodiversity and their unique learning, social experiences.

People also come to see me to help themselves through times of transition, and self-development. The therapy relationship can be a sort of base to check in to while experiencing change.

Clients can choose to work short-term to longer term depending on their needs.